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skills and capabilities

  • LabVIEW® programming:
    • Custom programming, instrumentation, signal conditioning, data analysis and display.
  Electrical instrumentation:
  • scope, multimeter, signal generators, power supplies, LCR analyzers, micro-ohmmeter, 4 wire methods, signal guarding methods, proper grounding  and noise immunity techniques, spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, thermocouple meters, thermocouple welders, high vacuum equipment, high power RF equipment, audio  video and digital techniques, frequency counters, impedance and dielectric constant meters, gas chromatography, light wave equipment, fiber optics, optical alignment, phase meters, lock-in amplifiers, interferometers, piezoelectric analysis equipment, custom instrumentation amplifiers.
 Signal analysis and processing:
  • Digital signal processing and analysis techniques: windowing, filtering, array manipulation, auto and cross correlation, numerical coercion, discrete Fourier transform, fast Fourier transform, short time fourier transform, joint time-frequency analysis (JTFA),  wavelet and gabor transforms, continuous wavelet transform de-noising and de-trending, super-resolution spectral analysis, waveform searching and pattern matching, 2D and 3D plotting, data retrieval,  post analysis and automatic report generation, multi-tone signal generation, single tone extraction and noise reduction techniques, programmatic PID development and tuning, Active filter design and analysis.
 Communication protocols:
  • Distributed computing programmatic techniques for common protocols such as: DSTP, FTP, SMTP, TELNET, HTTP, TCP, UDP, URL parsing etc., Experience and expertise in digital communications protocols including RS232, RS485, GPIB, CAN bus, 1-Wire, 12C, SPI,  TCP/IP, X.25, AX.25. as well as custom signaling protocols.
  Computer skills:
  • Orcad schematic capture and pspice software, Visual Basic programming, C/C++ programming, Proficient in Microsoft Office products, Familiarity with Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS), Custom microcontroller systems including planning, programming, hardware and installation. Operating systems and networks.
  Mechanical skills:
  • Soldering, Basic arc welding and resistance welding techniques, RF sputtering of thin films, Thick film deposition and firing techniques, Basic machine shop skills (Bridgeport, lathe, saws, drills, etc.), Surface profile equipment skills.
  • Design and product validation, Data visualization, Advanced graphing techniques, Electronic circuit troubleshooting, Electronic design, Electrical circuit modeling techniques, Basic chemistry,  Metallurgical skills (phase diagrams, corrosion, TCE, etc.), Calibration procedure knowledge, ISO 9000.
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