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Custom  instrumentation and software development specializing in LabVIEW® programming
  in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

  Extensive experience in: electronics, instrumentation and computer programming. Resume available upon request.

  To provide temporary services to create custom computerized systems for instrumentation and control.

  I am an experienced, expedient and cost effective temporary resource capable of creating custom computerized systems for enterprises that do not normally maintain staff possessing both the skills and the time required to do so.

  I should establish systems that, not only meet the requirements, but also exhibit elements of simplistic elegance.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • I can devote all my time and attention to the project without being burdened with the many additional responsibilities normally assumed by other full-time staff.
  • My only agenda is to develop a system which will meet your requirements.
  • Utilizing temporary services decreases total cost for short term projects.
  Although totally new automated test and measurement or data acquisition and control systems are frequently developed, it is more often the case that one of your existing machines, measurement facilities, or other  processes will  be modified to incorporate a computer, data acquisition device, measuring instruments, control devices, internet connection, etc. so as to make the operation more manageable and profitable while becoming less operator dependent. Computer based, scientific, research and development, custom instrumentation, distributed computing, and stand alone custom data analysis and visualization systems are a good mesh with my experience and abilities.
Free project proposal:
  Contact LoKey and I will (at no charge or obligation) assimilate your requirements and develop and present a proposal for a cost effective solution. If all meets with your satisfaction. the development process will begin.

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