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  • Automated Digital/Analog Complex Cable Tester with DataBase data archiving.
  • Cyclic Hydraulic Pressure Test.
  • Automated battery test application.
  • Pneumatic bladder test system,
  • High pressure test automation.
  • Hydraulic pump test system.
  • I2C data communications system.
  • TCP\IP communications application.
  • Proprietary message handling system.
  • Medical electrode noise evaluation system.
  • Automated filter assembly equipment.
  • Accelerometer calibration and test station.
  • Multi language voice chip programming station.
  • Automated cable test system.
  • Automated test system for web enabled remote equipment.
  • 1-wire communication system for embedded EEPROM.
  • Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) system.
  • CAN-bus communications system for remote cellular amplifier control.
  • Automated materials identification system featuring low resistivity measurement capabilities.
  • Application programming and development for Quartz Crystal Microbalance / Heat Conduction Calorimeter.
  • Wavelet transform detrending and cyclic analysis of financial data.
  • Intelligent polarization control of biomedical electrodes.
  • Biomedical signal separation via wavelet transform techniques.
  • Low cost piezoelectric accelerometer development.
  • NDIR Infrared gas sensor component and systems test & measurement suite.
  • Automated failure analysis testing of pressure transducers.
  • Lab test suite of programs for alignment and testing of free space optical transceiver components.
  • Biomedical MEMS accelerometer data acquisition and post data visualization programs.
  • Test system to acquire, record and analyze optical field of view for infrared receiver optical detectors.
  • Custom automotive sensor diagnostics.
  • Software and apparatus for automatic, simultaneous, three axis sub-micron  positioning of optical detectors.
  • Spectral analysis of periodic signals.
  • Software for Joint Time Frequency Analysis of periodic signals.
  • Biomedical pulse sensor.
  • Biomedical pulse data analysis and proprietary decision algorithm software.
  • Design and fabrication of 2 channel electronic coil drivers.
  • Basic software program and instrumentation for infrared detector material evaluation for use in night vision infrared cameras.
  • Basic software, instrumentation and fixturing for analyzing  force and displacement characteristics of bi-metal thermostat material. Automate Instron Mini44 measurement system.
  • Design and fabrication of Sawyer Towers circuitry for analysis of remnant polarization of piezoelectric materials.
  • Design and fabrication of high voltage amplifier for driving piezoelectric elements.
  • Design, fabrication and software for measuring dielectric constant of automotive fuels.
  • Design and fabrication of apparatus for measurement of EMI shielding materials.
  • Design and fabrication of programmatically controlled power supply.
  • Design and implementation of corrosion current analysis lab for monitoring corrosion currents in medical electrodes.
  •  Sacrificial electrode impressed current protection system for extending shelf life of medical electrodes.
  •   Programmatic data acquisition of circuit breaker current.
  • Software and instrumentation for obtaining search algorithm and servo lock for spatial light aiming systems.
  • Design and fabrication of system for modulating video synch tips with audio information.
  • Software for autocorrelation analysis of periodic signals.
  •   Cross correlation analysis of mutually coupled periodic signals.
  • Software for analyzing spectral and signal to noise characteristics of light to voltage converters.
  • Piezoelectric biomedical sensors.
  • Invention, design and implementation of 3 axis photo detector geometry.
  • Invention, design and implementation of method of signal processing to optimize effect of 3-axis photo detector geometry.

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