Paul F. Prew

2 Colvin St. S. Attleboro, MA 02703 Tel (508) 761-5296 

To create computerized instrumentation and control systems.
Specifically with LabVIEW® programming in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
Summary of qualifications
Extensive knowledge, experience and training in electronics and computers.
 computerized instrumentation, audio, ultrasonics, RF, EMI, infrared, optics, thermal, digital data transmission, antennas and transmission lines, wave propagation, charge flow, advanced instrumentation techniques, data acquisition, motion control, image acquisition and analysis, advanced signal processing, data visualization, circuit design - fabrication, computer programming.
Work experience - staff positions
2008-2009 Teledyne Webb Research. Custom automated test system support.
2007-2009 BIO-DETEK Inc. Research & Design engineer.

Work experience - recent temporary positions
2007-2008 TangenX Technology Corp. 910 Boston Tpk, Shrewsbury, MA 01545 (508-845-6400, John Connors, Pres.)
2006, 2008 Cellular Specialties Inc. (Art Hambleton, Engineering. mgr.) 670 N. Commercial St. Manchester, NH 03101
2005-2006 Engineered Materials Solutions (Michael Haynes, Ph.D. , Eng. mgr.) 39 Perry Ave, Attleboro, MA 02703
Masscal Scientific Instruments (John W. Furry, Ph.D., CEO) 12565 Research Parkway, Suite 300 Orlando, FL 32826

Work experience - full time employment
2003- Present Lokey-data acquisition and control. Custom programming and instrumentation.
Texas Instruments Inc. 34 Forest St. Attleboro, MA 02703
2002-2003 Electronic instrumentation and computer programmer - NDIR gas sensor development project.
2001-2002 Electronic instrumentation and computer programmer for automotive sensors group.
2000-2001 Instrumentation and software design for manufacturing and testing of spatial optical data link products.
1998-2000 Assembly and test instrumentation and software design for optical switch product development.
1988-1998 Research and development of active materials. Projects encompassed thick/thin film ceramic pressure sensors, infrared imaging devices, piezoelectric actuators and solid state gas sensors. Work included design / fabrication of test fixtures, data acquisition and computer programming.
1981-1988 Research and development technician in electrochemistry / corrosion laboratory.
1977-1981 Electronics technician-repair and programming of discrete logic programmable sequencers and design technician on thermostats and pressure sensors.
Entertainment Electronics Washington St. So. Attleboro, MA 02703
1975-1977 Owner / operator-repair of consumer electronic devices.
Reid’s TV and Appliance E. Washington St. No. Attleboro, MA 02760
1970-1975 Radio, TV repair technician.
United States Marine Corps
1966-1970 Aviation electronics.
Stetson Labs Inc. 515 Roosevelt Ave. Central Falls, RI
1965-1966 Mil spec. testing of materials.
1972 Roger Williams College Providence, Rhode Island - Electronics Engineering
1963-1965 Attleboro Vocational High School, Attleboro, Mass. - Electronics Technology
Specialized Training
Texas Instruments Inc.
2003 LabVIEW 7.0 programming.
Microsoft Visual Basic programming.
2001 ISO 9000.
1998 LabVIEW 5.0 programming.
1997 C++ object oriented programming, LabVIEW programming.
1996 Advanced C programming, C programming coding fundamentals, Various safety seminars
1995 Diversity training, Conflict management, Serving the customer, Microsoft windows, MS-DOS, Hazard communication, Lock-out / Tag-out procedures, Internet overview, Personal protective equipment, Laboratory safety training.
1977-1994 H. P. Basic, MS-DOS, Lotus 123, MS BASIC, Elements of metallurgy, TI BASIC, S/370 concepts, Data processing, Designing with microprocessors
United States Marine Corps

1966-1970  Naval Air Training Command, N.A.S. Memphis Aviation electronics, U.S. ARMY Signal School, etc.
Available as Separate Document
Materials Performance (Vol. 32, p 56-59, July 1993) Low cost electronic devices for corrosion measurements.
Robert Baboian and Paul F. Prew
Materials Performance (Vol. 23, p 31-35, Sept. 1984) Design of platinum clad wire anodes for impressed current protection. Robert Baboian, Paul F. Prew and Keith Kawate

7,277,751, 20080009907, 20020165585

 Licenses & certifications
Federal Communications Commission NZ1P extra class amateur operator license
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Master Radio and Television lic. #8027
National Instruments Inc. Certified LabVIEW Developer

  Organization Affiliations
Associated Radio Amateurs of Southern New England Inc. (W1AQ) 54 Kelly Ave. East Providence, RI 02906
President  1996 & 1985      Vice President  1995 & 1981
Volunteer experience
1990-1996 Volunteer examiner American Radio Relay League
1962-present Amateur radio & electronics   1980-present computers and instrumentation technology
  US citizen, age 61, health good, alcohol & tobacco free, minority status-Vietnam veteran.
Salary Requirements
 Hourly @$75.00 

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